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Welcome to the Website of Wakefield's Rob Bell - Internet Geek, Marketing Boffin, Thinker, Occasional Blogger and iPhone Enthusiast

Rob BellI'm Rob Bell. I come from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, in England - Welcome to my homepage.

Rob Bell, Marketing Pro

I'm a Marketing Professional of 15 years experience marketing technology products, creating new markets and introducing cutting edge technologies to the marketplace. I'm a former award-winning Chartered Marketer turned work-at-home entrepreneur after 2 extreme sports accidents resulted in breaking my back twice, leaving me with limited mobility. I now run businesses in web design, marketing, and internet services.

I was sponsored by the Leonard Cheshire Ready to Start program for disabled entrepreneurs, without whom I might never have returned to work after my injuries. My Mentor, Susan Greenwood from Disability Enterprise Support, did a fantastic job of helping me and providing motivation when I was down, and I'm eternally grateful for her support.

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Rob Bell, Computer and Internet Addict Expert

Rob Bell's Computerised Toilet!I'm a computer addict of almost 30 years experience, using computers and technology to add value to my business and personal life, and teaching others to benefit from computing - I even have qualifications in network administration. I study both marketing and computer-related news and websites constantly in order to keep my knowledge fresh.

I'm absolutely lost without my access to the 'Net - to me it's as important as my water supply(but not my electricity, for obvious reasons!).

I'm always on the lookout for new sites and applications that could add value to my clients and myself, and am most definitely a Child of Electronica!

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Rob Bell Social Media NinjaRob Bell, Social Media Ninja

Currently Twitter comprises a large proportion of my social media work, as I generate leads for clients using the new darling of the Web, and precision target marketing. I also work with Facebook, Stumbleupon, MySpace, Digg, Tagfoot, Bebo, Mixx and a multitude of other Social Networking and Bookmarking Sites - the darlings of Web 2.0.

Generally, when I'm on the computer, I have Twitter and Facebook on a separate monitor screen - you can't afford to miss a beat with the emerging real-time web.

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Rob Bell, Hater of Most Green or White Vegetables

Les recoils from green vegetables too


For my entire life, I have found it impossible to enjoy the taste of cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, onions, runner beans and many other similarly coloured veg, as well as swede - although I do like broad beans, peas and lettuce! Just the smell of most of the above is enough to make me queasy and, like a vampire reputedly shys away from garlic, I recoil in their presence! I'm not the only person to suffer this though - I remember Les from Vic Reeves Big Night Out who recoiled at the slightest hint of chives!



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