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On Making Money Online

Beware the Newbie Trap - Watch That Wallet!

Are you frustrated like this guy?If you're new to making money online, it's really easy to get sucked into spending lots of money on courses far too complex for the new or faint-hearted, which leave you frustrated, skint and feeling overwhelmed - resulting in an early exit before your new activities come to fruition.

The gurus all tell you to spend all your money on their course - which is always the best and fastest way for you to get millions, a massive house, a brand-new shiny Ferrari in your garage, and your own private jet to fly to your own private Island!

You and me both know that the only things that can really give you the lifestyle you dream of are free - Determination, Focus, and Effort.

If you're just getting started and you've never done any marketing before, what you need is a way of learning the principles so you can build a long-term business that provides for you and your family for years to come. The best way of doing this generally is not to buy a thousand dollar web-based program and then convince others to buy the same program to make some money.

Some people are good at this, but most are not which is why network marketing and internet marketing have such high failure rates - I read it's something like 97% of people who fail in these markets, probably because they find out the truth, which is:-

Even though you were told you would get rich quickly and easily by simply buying these programs, the truth is they will not make you rich on their own. Unless you are good at promotion, networking, sales, and forming relationships with potential buyers, chances are you will struggle until you begin to understand better ways of marketing and promoting your cause. Your first sale is perhaps the hardest, especially if you don't know how. I have a degree in marketing, but I still struggled at first, so I know and feel your pain, believe me!

Happy woman, taking it easy while she makes money online on autopilotYou would be far better off to join a low cost, even free, programme where you're given the right training to get you started properly - where a community of your peers and experts come together to help each other learn the right techniques to generate a full-time income online. I joined Affiliate Funnel for those reasons, and 2 years on I'm still a member - and always recommend the program to friends and business contacts who want to learn about Internet Marketing, without spending their hard-earned money.

You can join and use Affiliate Funnel for free, or there's a paid option which I have that costs me £4 ($6) each month -it's easily worth every penny, although I don't pay myself anymore - the program more than pays for itself every month.

Even food is happy when you areThings don't have to be complicated - anyone can generate income online, at whatever age. Several highly successful online business people are in their teens, and many are way past retirement age - the Internet shows no favours to any age. People of all skill levels and abilities just like you are able to find a system that's right for them, and launch their new online career. No matter what you are doing now, you can start to earn money online - a lot of people I know never studied a day's marketing in their lives before they took up internet marketing, and started applying it to their businesses and personal money-making ventures.

I'm teaching my Mum, who's in her late 60s how to achieve stuff online, and have already taught a 71 year old who now writes and publishes a website with hundreds of, maybe even a thousand, pages about ancient history, numerology, and ancient wisdoms. It also features a selection of his artwork - the Sunday Times called him the 'greatest Surrealist since Salvador Dali'. Here he is getting to grips with my iPhone, wait for his comment at the end!



Affiliate Funnel Will Get You Started for Free, Quickly and Easily

What you need for this first stage of your online business career is Affiliate Funnel. It's easy to get started, and the regular training will provide you with the essential information you need to grow and develop during this first stage. Affiliate Funnel helps you develop your personal online brand whilst beginning to generate money from the Internet. You don't need to have sold or marketed anything or been a business whiz before.

You can ask questions of experts at the online member seminars (webinars) which they have every Saturday and once or twice during the week as well - they often give away industry secrets that will help you increase your income faster.

Give Affiliate Funnel a try-out today - it doesn't cost you anything to join, and it could make you a lot of money.


Traffic Exchanges - The Easiest Way for You to Get Traffic

Traffic Exchanges are one of the easiest ways for newbie Internet Marketers to start to generate visitors to their websites, product pages and affiliate offers. They work on a simple basis - you earn credits by viewing other marketers pages, which you then use to get your own pages seen. So all you have to be able to do is look at a screen and click on a mouse - simples!

I still use Traffic Exchanges as one of the best sources of signups to my email lists, by providing quality materials in return for a name and email address - this is called permission-based marketing, and makes sure you're never accused of spam, because every person on your list requested to be there, then confirmed this desire by clicking the confirmation link your autoresponder sends them when they sign up.

The reason I still use Traffic Exchanges two years later? Easy - most of my subscribers come from them.

You get laser targeted access to Internet Marketers - everyone there is one, so you know who you're talking to, and what motivates them. They are also the simplest promotion method online - once you have a page to promote, you just click other sites to get people to view yours. Don't tell anyone, but I often surf traffic exchanges while I'm watching TV or listening to a Webinar or watching an online video... the hours can fly by and you find yourself with thousands of credits to spend!

I use Traffic Splash, Dragon Surf, I Love Hits and SWAT as my main traffic exchanges, although I sometimes use others. SWAT in particular is good because they also provide private weekly training where big hitters teach you their secrets so you get the hottest tips to make more money.

Here's a video I did a couple of years ago showing you how to use a traffic exchange, the link doesn't work anymore (don't try going to, it doesn't work!) To visit Traffic Splash click the link in the paragraph above.








Coming Soon

I'll be building up this section of the site over the next few months, when I get time between client jobs. I aim to provide information and resources to help individuals and businesses build successful brands and revenues online. Ironically, because I can only do it between client jobs, the more successful I become the longer this will take to build, so you really should be hoping for my failure... Although if I were to fail, why would you want to learn from me?!?!? Aaaah blessed irony!

If you want to joins hundreds of home business entrepreneurs who receive my daily email series, 35 Free Websites, Applications and Tools to Help You Make Money Online, sign up here now - I'll throw in a free e-book that helps you get started online, when you confirm the confirmation email you'll receive when you sign up. If it doesn't arrive in under 2 minutes, check your spam folder - sometimes Gmail and Yahoo are overzealous in their filtering - heck the other day my Mum sent me an email and they spam foldered that!

Here's to your success,




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